Nine – Indev Showcase Portfolio

I have not perfectly crafted my thesis yet. I have a couple of ideas for the wording of the thesis but none of them satisfies what I understand about The Road. However, my thesis will be about love, and the way love assisted in the determination that the man and the boy shared. The power and force of love. I need to work on my wording.

[edit: I have a thesis now (yay! (finally): The Road explores how the force of love was powerful enough to keep father and son alive in post-cataclysm.]

I chose to do a thematic perspective on my showcase portfolio. I’ll explore and analyze the theme while focusing on the topic of love. Throughout the novel, love is a very prominent theme, always being in the background, never explicitly stated but always being the reason the man does anything (and everything) for the boy. There is much evidence for this. The man takes every necessary step he must to keep the boy safe and alive. Going so far as to killing a man and risking his own life.

For my first media product, I chose to do a podcast. One where I will either just speak to myself about the thesis or if I’m not too shy, interview someone I know who has had love bring them through a hard or traumatic time. This way I can make my thesis more relatable to other people. And also to offer a new perspective on the theme, while retaining the main idea. I’m not afraid to use audio to make a podcast, I have an idea of the conventions of a podcast and I have the materials available to me. So doing a podcast seems like a reasonable choice.

I have chosen to do a remix instead of a podcast because I was able to recover my old remix (that crashed). The video was originally on love, but more about the love found in nature and reciprocating care. I also decided to use my remix because although the topic was slightly different, not much needed to be changed for it to fit my new thesis. And it’s not because I’m too lazy, I just didn’t want all of my old work to go to waste.
A video remix would be a good option to do because I can express my thoughts about love in a way that’s easy to see, and my point gets across easier because the video isn’t long or boring. I’m using my skills that I have to create a product that is entertaining while also proving a point to my audience.

unsplash-logoSimon Abrams

My second media product will be either a thinglink image or concept map. I will do a thinglink with an actual scene from the movie, this way I can give a visual representation of the mood for the movie while including new information that I believe explains my thesis with different perspectives. If I do a concept map it would be to explain the meaning of love in the book, so examples of love. Creating an idea of love using the book in tandem with my understanding.

I think I developed as a creator. In the beginning of the course, I didn’t understand that I  could use technology and media as, well, technology. I thought you would just continue to use writing and font size and y’know, just on a different platform. I didn’t understand that I could put hyperlinks, pictures, videos, etc… and that, that was correct. But I get that now. I learned how important digital media is, and how I could optimize my use of media creation to support my thinking. An example of my using of the digital tools available to me was my video remix. I had bought a video editing software for personal use, and I have a beefy computer to boot as well. So I made my remix using my tools. However my remix did decide to bail on me last minute (I have tears to prove it), but I still did the learning. I think I did more knowledge-based learning, I had all the skills and tool, I was just confused.


This post took unnecessarily long to write.